If you have never been to Temple, and are wondering what you can expect if you stop by, here are a few reasons we think you'll love our church:

  • Temple is a place where you will feel loved.  No matter who you are or what you've been through, you will feel both welcomed as family and honored as our guest.
  • Temple is a place where you can "come as you are."  We are more interested in people than we are in appearances.  
  • Temple is a place where you will feel inspired.  We view every service as an opportunity to share the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  From uplifting worship to relevant, practical, Biblically-based teaching, you will receive the opportunity to take your relationship with God to the next level!
  • Temple is a place for the whole family.  We are a church that provides a safe environment for children and teens to learn and grow while having a blast at our exciting children and student services.  
  • Temple is a place you can serve.  We are excited to help you discover and maximize your unique gifts and talents.  We believe God has created each individual for a purpose, and we can't wait to connect and equip you to make a difference!