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Updated: Feb 9

The leadership at Temple, and the leadership of this local ministry have been in unanimous support of this decision.  I would not have made these decisions otherwise.  Thank you to Pastor Rodney, the executive team and the staff of Temple… I have never felt so much love and support.

There are 2 reasons we are going to change the name and processes of our recovery ministry.

We want to have the freedom to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations in our community and across our country- especially those impacted by this current pandemic.  CR simply does not offer us the opportunity to reach and serve a HUGE segment of our community.

We want to provide recovery to the most vulnerable populations.

We at TEMPLE want to meet people where they are, not where we want them to be.  

That means bringing recovery to them through a robust online experience.  Separating from CR has helped us reach people like a woman from New York who was watching our service online just this past Friday night.  She contacted us during our recovery service through FB messenger.  

She is from New York, and had been attending a CR group locally- but her group was meeting in-person only,  and she could not go.

She is one of the millions of people who continue to be compromised by the COVID pandemic, and she was not able to get to HER in-person recovery group.

Someone at her ministry knew that we at Temple were offering a Facebook Live recovery experience and encouraged her to engage with us online.  

With her permission, I can share with you that she reached out to us through that online experience.  Engaging with one of our team members, Tasha, she explained that she had relapsed 12 days ago, and wanted to fully commit her life to Jesus Christ.”

Without an online presence, that would NOT have happened.  

National Celebrate Recovery has maintained its position that it’s too unsafe to offer a full on-line recovery program to those who can not make it to an in-person meeting.  

We have decided it’s more unsafe to keep recovery from those who need it the most.

To their credit, National CR explained Friday night that they have expanded their DNA to allow groups to have limited step studies through video conferencing. That permission apparently has a shelf life and will be pulled at some point.

For us, it’s not just about COVID-19, which I believe is permanently changing the way people view large group gatherings.

Our decision is based on a permanent need for anyone struggling to get to a strong in-person recovery meeting for any reason to, at least weekly, have access to a full recovery experience.

  • We want to provide a full on-line recovery experience for the person who lives hours away from an in-person meeting.  We have already been ministering to many from other states, even other countries who are in this position.

  • We want to provide a full on-line recovery experience for the person who may have an in-person meeting near them, but frankly it’s NOT a healthy group.

  • We want to provide a full on-line recovery experience for the person who may have an in-person meeting near them, but they need another meeting throughout the week to stay the course.

  • We want to provide a full on-line recovery experience for the shut in, the agoraphobic, the suicidal person who does not have it in them to drive to a meeting but catches a glimpse of hope on their computer screen or phone.

AT RECOVERY ALIVE, we will have folks leading groups on-line and helping to connect to folks like our friend from New York.  Males will to talk to males and ladies will to talk to ladies… but the coolest things is that these leaders helping others to connect to recovery can serve from home!

Ultimately our work will be to eliminate the difference between those who must do recovery on-line and those who attend in-person.

Reason #2 We want to prioritize the POWER of recovery & the PEOPLE in recovery over any PROCESS of recovery.

The process of HOW we do things, what curriculum we use, the guidelines that keep folks safe, the DNA that defines our method, leadership training, conferences and Summits … all these things are important.

Process is important, but it must always takes a backseat to GOD and the PEOPLE who need access to His POWER.

When we talk about programming and any process there is always always always the danger of legalism. And it’s no different in a recovery program.

Excessive oversight and micromanagement of a specific and restrictive and inflexible curriculum… 

  • Keeps the personality of people and their programs from fully blossoming…

  • holds poorer churches at a disadvantage because access to the process (including curriculum and conferences) comes at a HIGH price that some simply CAN’T afford…

  • Unintentionally, raise the process to preeminence.   In other words, the rules will rule….  When the the process becomes priority, the POWER will be relegated almost to an afterthought.

I have been sold on CR for well over a decade because the process is amazing- of course it is!  It’s the 12 steps… The 12 steps have been a staple for sobriety for 85 years.

However, the 12 steps have never saved a soul.  It is the Gospel that is the POWER of God for the salvation of all who believe.

We will make it a point always to prioritize the Power of God and the People of God over our process.

Equipped with this knowledge, and a passion for reaching every single person in need of recovery, along with the 2 reasons above stirring ceaselessly in my heart,  I am convinced it’s time to move forward from CR.

We will support and pray for the national movement as they continue their efforts help folks find healing from their hurts, habits and hangups.

I AM convinced that nothing we go through is wasted- God redeems it all. God works all things… all things to the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes.

Recovery Alive will prioritize the POWER of Jesus through the Holy Spirit to raise HOPE FROM THE DEAD.

Recovery ALIVE is an organic, living program representing a living God!  

Our program harnesses the unchanging TRUTH of Jesus Christ and His Word to a LIVING, ORGANIC process in order to reach and minister to an ever-changing world.

At RECOVERY ALIVE we will organize our program around the 3 P’s of recovery:

The POWER of recovery, THE PEOPLE of recovery, AND THE PROCESS of recovery…

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