Recovery Alive Travel Mug

Recovery Alive Travel Mug

SKU: 8367530001

Enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee, tea and your other favorite beverages in this custom RA mug.


This unique mug is made of ceramic and the lower exterior is cork.


Cork bottom helps protects hands and surfaces from heat.


Large handle provides a reliable, comfortable grip.


The eye-catching contrast between ceramic and cork provides a unique, stylish look.


Includes a push-on lid with a gasket and a slide action closure.


Size: holds 12 ounces.

    • Do not over fill
    • Do not place in freezer
    • Designed to hold hot and cold beverages
    • Hot liquid increses exterior wall temperatures
    • Keep out of reach of children when filled with hot liquid
    • Wash all parts in warm soapy water before using
    • Do not use harsh cleaners with bleach or abrasives.