Introducing Recovery ALIVE!

Recovery ALIVE prioritizes the Power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit to raise Hope From The Dead. Recovery ALIVE is an organic, living program, representing a living God.

Recovery ALIVE works through a 12 step recovery process to promote healthy change centered around the "3 P's," The POWER of Recovery, The PEOPLE of Recovery, and the PROCESS of Recovery. 

Our program harnesses the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ and his word to a living, organic process, in order to reach and minister to an ever-changing world.

Watch Recovery Alive!

Join us In Person!

Weekly Meetings:

Wednesdays @ 12pm

Fridays @ 7pm with Supper @6pm

People Groups after both Meetings

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Our Adventures Alive Pre-Recovery Program is for Infants to 5th graders.

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Our Young & Alive Recovery and Pre-Recovery Program is for 6th-12th grade students.